my journey
wasn't by design.

I found hints of love for graphic design in my earlier years, sometime around elementary school. As a kid, I would always draw and doodle, and that would even translate into MS Paint. I would constantly draw and tinker around with Photoshop effects and in middle school, that tinkering became a hobby.

I made graphics for numerous message boards including wallpapers  and avatars. Shoot, I even made a few websites (made completely out of tables — yup, that long ago). This continued on through high school and I knew it was something I could possibly do for a living when I finished college — although I wasn't completely sure.

“I found hints of love for graphic design in my earlier years, sometime around elementary school.”

Enter college. I was still pretty unsure about what I really wanted to do with my life after high school. I chose to attend The University of Arizona in hopes to gain a real university experience. I started out Pre-Business, but eventually after two years, it just wasn't working. I knew I wanted to become a graphic designer and it was something I loved to do growing up. So, I applied to the art college and finished with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

I don't believe that I chose the easy route — in fact it was anything but. But that's in the past and all that matters now is that I have moved forward and continue to do so.

My name is Scott Gerard Francisco. I am a graphic designer. I'm an artist. I'm just me.